2 to 4 axis +/-10V drive interface


EtherCAT ® dual/quad Motor Drive
interface with ±10V commands


  • Commanding Motor Drives with ±10V Interface, such as
  • linear drives and piezo motor drives
  • Outstanding performance
    ServoBoost, powerful control algorithms
    20kHz sampling and update rate
    Sinusoidal commutation
  • Feedback
    4 incremental and 2 optional absolute encoders
    4 SIN-COS encoders, up to 10MHz
  • Digital I/O: 4 Registration Mark inputs, 1 PEG and 4 motor brake (24V, 0.2A) outputs
  • Analog I/O: 2 inputs, 1 output 
  • Compact footprint: 121x100x48 mm3



The UDI (UDI - Universal Drive Interface) is a compact EtherCAT module that controls up to 4 motor drives with industry standard ±10V interface. Now you can also use peizo-ceramic motor drives and linear drives when using any of ACS EtherCAT motion controllers, to achieve the ultimate position and velocity accuracy as required by demanding applications, such as wafer inspection. It supports both single torque command and two sinusoidal commutation current commands. It includes 4 incremental encoders (digital and SIN-COS), and 2 absolute encoders, four registration inputs, four 24Vdc/0.2A motor brake outputs and one PEG (Position Event Generator) output.

The UDI is available in two versions: UDIHP a high performance version and UDILT economical version. The UDlLT utilizes a 10 bit DAC to generate the ±10V commands and supports digital encoders only, incremental and absolute. The UDlHP utilizes a 16 bit DAC supports also SIN-COS encoders with raw frequencies up to 10MHz. This enables controlling positioning stages using high resolution laser encoders with sub-nanometer resolution at more than 1 meter/second. For PC based systems that utilize motor drives with analog ±10V commands, the combination of the SPiiPlusSC and the UDI is a superior solution when compared to solutions that are based on a PC plug-in controller. It is simpler, more powerful, scalable, and provides better performance at a lower cost. The UDI is panel or din rail mountable.




Drive interface


Four, one torque command per drive, or two commutation current commands
for two drives only ±10V differential.
UDILT: 10-bit resolution, UDIHP: 16-bit resolution
Unused drive commands can be used as general purpose analog outputs
Opto-isolated, two-terminal output, up to 24V
Drive Fault
Two-terminal, opto-isolated input, 24V



A standard comprehensive set of powerful algorithms to enhance accuracy,

move & settle time, smooth velocity, stability and robustness.

  • Advanced PIV cascaded structure
  • Loop shaping filters
  • Gain Scheduling
  • Gantry MIMO control
  • Dual feedback / loop control
  • Disturbance rejection control



Digital incremental encoder

Four, A&B,I; Clk/Dir,I, RS-422 or single ended TTL level, max. rate
(RS-422): 50 million encoder counts/sec., (Single-ended): 2 million encoder
protection: Encoder error, not connected. On-board supply: 5.1-5.25V,
1A total
SIN-COS incremental encoder (Optional)
Four, A&B,I; Clk/Dir,I, RS-422, or single ended TTL level, max. rate
(RS-422): 50 million encoder counts/sec., (Single-ended): 2 million encoder
counts/sec. Protection: Encoder error, Encoder not connected.
On-board supply: 5.1-5.25V, 1A total
Absolute encoder (Optional)
Two, EnDat 2.1/2.2, Smart-ABS, Panasonic, BiSS-C.



UDI-ACC1 Mating connectors for drives, encoders and I/Os.

UDI-ACC2 Din-rail mounting kit.


Digital I/O

Safety inputs

Left and right limit inputs per axis.Type: Single-ended, 24V±20%,opto isolated, source. E-Stop: 24V±20%,opto isolated, two-terminal. Unused safety inputs can be used as general purpose inputs

Registration Mark
Four.Two-terminal, 24V±20%, fast opto-isolation. Flexible assignment to different axes. Can be used as general purpose inputs.

Motor Brake Outputs
Four, opto-isolated, 24V±20%, 0.2A per output. Can be used as general purpose outputs.
Position Compare Outputs (PEG)
One, RS422. Can be used as general purpose output. Pulse width 26nSec to
1.75mSec Maximum rate with RS422 outputs: 10MHz.


Analog I/O


UDILT: None, UDIHP: Two, ±10V differential, 12 bit resolution, sharing the
inputs of a SIN-COS encoder feedback.
One, ±10V differential, 10 bit resolution. Unused drive commands can be
used as general purpose analog outputs.



Operating range: 0 to + 50°C

Storage and transportation range: -25 to +70°C
Humidity (operating range): 5% to 90% non-condensing



Two EtherCAT ports, In and Out



121x100x48 mm3



250 gr.

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