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Accelerate Application Development With SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.11.01!

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ACS Motion Control announces the release of version 3.11.01 of the SPiiPlus ADK Suite, replacing version 3.11. For existing v3.11 users, it is a recommended to upgrade to v3.11.01.

Available for download today, version 3.11.01 of the SPiiPlus ADK Suite includes many new features and enhancements designed to accelerate and simplify application development, increase motion system design flexibility and maximize motion system performance. The ADK suite provides a common set of development tools and support for all ACS Motion Control product lines.

Download the ADK suite and start evaluating these products by visiting the links below.

New features in SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.11.01 include:

ACSPL+ AutoComplete Functionality

Motion control applications grow more sophisticated with each new machine generation. Developers need more advanced development tools to manage application development and maintenance. Now available in the MMI Program Manager, ACSPL+ AutoComplete simplifies application development by providing context-aware code completion features. Highlights include:

  • Command and variable autocompletion — minimize your need to refer to documentation.
  • Error highlighting — syntax and formatting errors are immediately identified prior to compilation.
  • Variable scope tooltips — hovering over a variable displays a tooltip with the variable’s current value and scope.
FRF Analyzer Enhancements

Additional functionality has been added to FRF Analyzer to aid users in optimizing motion control system performance. Highlights include:

  • Modulus margin calculation for enhanced stability analysis.
  • Frequency response of Sensitivity for enhanced performance analysis and optimization.
  • Ease of acceleration feedforward calculation — manual frequency selection and approximation of the rigid body.
  • Moving mass/inertia calculation based on measured frequency response.
G-Code Program Fast Simulation Mode With Error Detection

G-code programs containing syntax or trajectory errors often lead to programs being aborted mid-process and can create scrap. Debugging and re-executing these programs can be time intensive. New commands now allow users to run programs in fast simulation mode until a specified line number or label. Starting from the specified line number or label, the program will execute in normal mode. When programs are running in fast simulation mode:

  • No motion occurs.
  • G-code modality status is updated.
  • Run-time errors are detected and logged for analysis.
Improved MMI Support for Dynamic and JIT Buffers

MMI components including the Program Manager, Application Wizard and more now support Dynamic Buffer and Just-in-Time buffer functionality. This simplifies the development of applications where these features are beneficial, such as laser processing and additive manufacturing machines whose user interface streams complex part-processing programs down to the motion controller during runtime to improve throughput.

Multi-Axis Point-to-Point Motions With Smooth Transitions

Motion control applications including inspection and metrology systems, coordinate measuring machines and pick-and-place systems perform processes involving a series of multi-axis point-to-point motions. For processes that can be performed on-the-fly, it is possible to increase throughput by smoothly transitioning from one motion to the next instead of stopping at each endpoint. A newly released motion command enables execution of a series of multi-axis PTP motions with the ability to smoothly transition from one motion to the next before reaching an endpoint.

Standard ACSPL+ Variables for Measuring Move and Settle

New PRFLTIME and STLTIME variables provide accurate move and settle time measurements, giving stage producers and equipment developers a simple yet powerful tool for quantifying move and settle performance.

Software Licensing Support

Highly secured research and production facilities often have security procedures that restrict the use of USB dongles connected to host machines and production systems. The SPiiPlus v3.11.01 runtime kit now supports software licensing, allowing machine builders to use the FRF Analyzer and Matlab libraries without a hardware USB dongle.

Improved MMI Support for Non-ACS Motion Control EtherCAT Devices

To simplify configuration of non-ACS Motion Control EtherCAT devices, the following functionalities have been added to MMI System Setup component:

  • Import ESI XML file.
  • Reload database.
  • Reset database to factory defaults.
Improved Modbus Client Support for ECM Series I/O Expansion

Expand the number of supported I/O with ECM series products by using new Modbus client support features. Read the new SPiiPlus ADK Suite 3.11.01 Technical Release Notes to learn about new ACSPL+ extensions supported by Modbus.

IDM Series Enhancements

Configure and operate any of our IDM series of DS402 EtherCAT drives without an EtherCAT master device connected, simplifying the configuration and evaluation process.

Extending SPiiPlusSC Support to 128 Axes

Complex applications such as next-generation electronics manufacturing systems can involve more than 64 axes. SPiiPlusSC controllers now support up to 128 axes to address the needs of these applications.

NURBS Motion

Some sophisticated multi-axis motion paths used in laser processing applications can be best described by non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) data. ACS Motion Control controllers can now generate motion profiles based on NURBS data generated by a CAD/CAM program or host application.

Sin-Cos Encoder Analyzer Enhancements

Our SinCos Encoder Analyzer tool has been enhanced to support axes which have a secondary SinCos Encoder.

About Us

Since 1985, original equipment manufacturers in semiconductor, electronics assembly, laser processing, flat panel display, biomedical and other high-tech industries have trusted ACS Motion Control to improve machine performance, enhance design flexibility, accelerate application development and minimize time to market.

ACS Motion Control Customer Promise Statement

We are always ready to rise to the challenge to deliver smart, best-performing motion control solutions for the most demanding applications, developed and supported in partnership with you and in-line with your needs.

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