ACS offers On-Site Demonstration program to qualified Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers

ACS offers On-Site Demonstration program to qualified Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers


Accuracy.  Resolution.  Throughput.  

ACS Enables Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers to Meet the Challenges of Today as Well as Tomorrow.

Evaluate the potential of an ACS Motion Control solution to improve your Equipment’s Accuracy, Resolution, Throughput, and Uptime.

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Get the best possible throughput, accuracy and resolution from your system by taking advantage of revolutionary motion control technologies and unique line of products.

Reduce time to market for new product and next generation developments by leveraging on a unified development platform with comprehensive simulation tools 

Reduce cost of ownership by selecting from a wide line of off the shelf motion control solutions with proven reliability, that are UL & CE certified, and supported by world class control & application engineers.


Semiconductor Equipment Expertise & Experience 

  • Inspection
  • Metrology
  • Lithography
  • Probing
  • Ion Implant
  • Dicing/Scribing
  • CMP
  • EFEM
  • more...
  • Example of Demanding Application: XX’Y 300/450mm wafer handling Gantry stage with dual feedbacks (Encoder Scale + Laser Interferometer), sub-nanometer standstill jitter, and millisecond settling time.


Unique Products and Technologies

  • SPiiPlusNT family of off the shelf, modular motion controllers and universal multi-axis motor drives based on the widely adopted EtherCAT network standard.
  • the proven industry's highest performance line of PWM servo drives that replaces linear drives in applications that demand sub-nanometer jitter and tracking errors.
  •  a powerful control algorithm that minimizes following errors, move settling times and sensitivity to disturbances and changes while maintaining stability with outstanding margins.
  • a proprietary technology that maximizes system uptime by identifying and overcoming EtherCAT network failures.









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