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Electronic Assembly

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Electronic Assembly


  • Combining very high velocities of meters per second with sub-micron resolution using Sin-Cos multiplier for optimal accuracy and throughput
  • Third-order profiles that significantly reduce the settling time
  • Distributed multi-processors control architecture that guaranties motion performances
  • Changing motion profiles on-the-fly based on vision sensor input
  • Event triggering based on profile remaining time (pre-ignition)
  • Force/torque control using high resolution analog inputs that are sampled at 20kHz
  • Dynamic switching between position and force control modes
  • Powerful inverse kinematics using the CONNECT command

State-of-the-art SMT assembly system uses the most advanced EtherCAT based control system

Assembléon provides Pick & Place solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry.
The iFlex SMT assembly system places up to 70,000 parts per hour. It has up to 40 axes of motion and hundreds of I/Os.
The SPiiPlusSC soft EtherCAT motion controller manages Electronic Assembly the entire system.
It controls the ACS servo and stepper drives, I/Os, and non-ACS drives. Assembléon implemented all real time functionality in the ACSPL+ controller programming language. “ACSPL+ provided the real-time environment and the parallelism we needed, enabling us to make changes and test them easily. This, together with the Simulator, which all our software developers use heavily to test their software, saved us a lot of development time. With the SPiiPlusSC that runs on the host PC and communicates with the Windows environment through fast shared memory, there is no communication limitation when you have a host-based application program that requires intensive and fast communication with the controller.
When we started this project, EtherCAT was new to us. Without ACS’ know-how, flexibility, and support, it would have taken us much more time to complete the project”
R.v.d.B, Motion Architect, Assembléon


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