Encoder Multiplier and splitter

  • Analog Sin-Cos encoder multiplier
  • Programmable multiplication factor of up to 64 counts per encoder cycle
  • Two output connectors, each comprises of both the original analog encoder signals (buffered) and the digital post multiplication signals

The EM64 is a single channel analog Sin-Cos encoder multiplier. The resolution of the encoder is multiplied by up to 16,
thus providing quadrature resolutions of up to 64 quadratures per encoder cycle. There are two output connectors,
each with a digital post-multiplication output and the original encoder signals buffered.

The EM64 can also be used as an encoder splitter.

The EM64 addresses the needs of:

  • Generating Position Events and capturing position when using analog Sin-Cos encoders, with resolutions below one quarter of encoder cycle.
  • Interfacing analog Sin-Cos encoders to drives that do not support analog encoders, such as UDMMC, UDMLC.
  • Providing digital encoder signals to external devices such as camera triggering boards.
Sin-Cos Max. input
frequency [KHz]
Multiplication Factor (MF) Quadrature
800 x4 16
640 x5 20
400 x8 32
320 x10 40
200 x16 64


Encoder Interface

Type: Incremental analog Sin-Cos, 1Vptp, differential
Electrical Interface: Input impedance ~120R
Input Voltage range: 1.25Vptp
Maximum Cable length: 20m
Encoder supply [V]: 5V±5%
Encoder maximum current consumption [mA]: 600
If more current is needed, use a separate supply to power the encoder
Connector: Sub-D, 15 pins high density, female


Controller/drive interface

Number of interfaces: 2
Interface connector content: J3 – Original analog sin-cos encoder signals. Buffered, 1Vptp, differential
J4 - Original analog sin-cos encoder signals. Buffered, 1Vptp, differential. Encoder 5V
supply input
Connector: Sub-D, 15 pins high density, male


Power Supply needed

Used to power both the EM64 itself and the encoder: 5V ±5%
The 5V can be supplied by one of the following (selected by jumper):
1. The controller/drive connected to the EM64 via J4. It should be used if the controller/
drive can provide a total current of (200mA + the encoder current)
2. An external power supply via J1. It should be used when the controller/drive cannot
provide the needed current.
Maximum current consumption [mA]: 200 + the current consumption of the encoder
Connector: 3 pins, PHOENIX PN: 1830606
Mating: PHOENIX PN: 1827716
Mounting: DIN- rail


EM64-ACC1 - A set of encoder input and outputs connectors:
Two outputs connectors, Sub-D, 15 pins high density, female, connector shells
One encoder input connector, Sub-D, 15 pins high density, male, connector shell


65 gr



30x45x90 mm3



Operating: 0 to + 50°C
Storage and transportation: -25 to +60°C
Humidity (operating range): 5% to 90% non-condensing

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