Engineering Services

Engineering Services


Leverage our Know-how and Experience

ACS’ control experts have many years of experience in demanding, state of the art applications in the fields of: semiconductor inspection, digital printing, electronic assembly and similar systems.
Highly trained engineers will help to ensure that your entire system operates optimally in terms of robustness, stability, and minimal sensitivity to mechanical changes (load, friction, component parameter deviations).
If your application has highly challenging requirements such as accurate force control for wire bonding or dynamic high bandwidth auto-focus, we will implement and test the required control algorithms for you.
ACS takes pride in the rich history of enabling our customers to push the boundaries of throughput and accuracy.


Product Support

  • All ACS products related issues
    i) Hardware
    ii) Software 
  •  Support Tools

System Design

  • Control Algorithm development
  • Performance enhancement
  • Qualification of PC for SPiiPlusSC use
  • Programming
    i) Programming in ACSPL+
    ii) Host Programing
  • Troubleshooting, adjusting and tuning of non-ACS components that are included in the customer's system



  • ACS programming (beginner/ advanced level)
  • Motion Control & technology theory (beginner/ advanced level)




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