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Enhance Your Motion System Performance With Our Newest Technologies

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We’re excited to announce we’re rolling out many new products and technologies to take your motion control system to the next level. These products are supported by the latest version of our SPiiPlus ADK Suite, which integrates all the tools, software and resources you need to develop your motion application. In addition to supporting our latest products, SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.10 provides one common set of tools that works with our ecosystem of motion controllers, drives, drive interfaces, input/output (I/O) modules and more.

Let’s explore these newest products, capabilities and software features.

Meet the New Products

LCI. Tightly synchronize your laser control and triggering with up to 5 axes of motion using the laser control interface. The LCI is designed for the most demanding laser processing applications and offers an extensive list of operating modes, including the capability to combine laser triggering, velocity control, and power control modes – for the best range of user flexibility and highest performance.

ECMsa. If your single-axis application requires high precision at an economical price, you now have a solution. Our compact, single-box ECMsa motion controller and drive solution features universal drive technology and is configurable to support up to 150 Vdc (drive supply) and 15/30A current output.

IDMsa. Our new single-axis DS402 EtherCAT motor drive brings nanometer-level motion control performance capabilities to all EtherCAT users. This solution lets you leverage sophisticated servo control algorithms to solve demanding motion control challenges with our Intelligent Drive Module series.

UDMsa. Our SPiiPlus Platform welcomes the first dedicated single-axis universal drive module: the UDMsa. This device supports up to a 150 Vdc (drive supply) and 15/30A current output.

Explore the New Capabilities

LearningBoost. This machine learning algorithm enables motion control engineers to achieve better motion system performance than what was previously possible using customary servo algorithms. This new, state-of-the-art algorithm compensates for disturbances outside of servo bandwidth, as well as disturbances inside compliant systems.

Non-Linear Control. This new set of control algorithms is designed to enhance settling time, reduce overshoot and improve overall motion performance in advanced electronics and semiconductor processing applications.

SmoothPath. Ideal for two- to five-axis CAD/CAM-generated polyline motion paths, this intelligent path-smoothing algorithm eliminates the jerk caused by cornering. It also improves constant velocity and improves throughput by 30 percent or more. You can implement SmoothPath using native G-code or our ACSPL+ programming language.

Local Coordinate Systems. Define machine and local coordinate systems using G-code and ACSPL+ extensions and simplify nested parts-processing on planar and 3D workpieces.

Diagnostics and Preventive Maintenance. Use our latest ACSPL+ extensions, which are intended to simplify the design and implementation of host application features, to monitor, predict and prevent failures and manage machine performance.

Application Protection Improvements. Protect and secure invaluable controller-level application IP program code using our latest security features. Define user-level gated access with password protection — restricting appropriate access for developers, controls engineers and service technicians.

Matrix Operations. New extensions provide real-time linear algebra matrix functions for user-specified kinematics and data processing. Reduce complexity and development efforts in parallel and serial kinematic actuator applications.

Explore the New Software

Autotuning. Our smarter autotuning feature, combined with our new Frequency Response Function (FRF) analyzer, provides an integrated solution to simplify tuning and maximize motion performance, bandwidth and stability. Use this feature to tune linear motors, direct drive rotary motors, servo and stepper-driven ballscrew stages, collocated and non-collocated designs, and single- and dual-loop feedback systems.

3D Scope. Visualize and optimize motion and analyze data in 3D to streamline development in pick-and-place, 3D inspection, metrology, laser processing and additive manufacturing applications.

FRF Analyzer Improvements. With this feature, you can perform frequency analysis measurements in seconds instead of minutes. Use new excitation methods — white noise, chirp and user-defined, for example — to achieve optimal measurement repeatability and quality. An integrated autotuning feature offers simplified user tools, combined with advanced tuning capabilities.

FRF Analyzer Library. Leverage the most powerful frequency response and design tools in your host application using our new FRF Library. Create motion system stability heat maps and self-diagnostic tools for remote and field service. You can also use the FRF Library with MATLAB to perform highly sophisticated motion system analysis procedures.

Linux Library. Develop Linux-based machine control host applications using our simulation package to accelerate your development and testing. Our Linux Library supports Debian and Fedora distribution, as well as Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE for rapid development, enabling you to avoid Windows OS licensing fees to meet price targets and succeed in cost-competitive markets.

Learn More About SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.10

Our SPiiPlus ADK Suite supports every ACS Motion Control product and product series. Download it today to enhance the motion performance capabilities of your machine and kick off the development of your next generation of machines. Our SPiiPlus ADK Suite is free to download and contains:

If you require additional information on any of our new products, features or capabilities, please download our SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.10 release notes here.

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