Motor Drive Interfaces, Laser Control

EtherCAT Interfaces to Motor Drives with 10V Input, Laser Control Module

Laser Control Module

LCM is an EtherCAT slave module that enables ACS Controllers and Control Modules to control a laser source directly with full synchronization to motion, resulting in highest quality laser micro-machining and optimal throughput....

4 Axis Pulse/Direction Drive Interface

The PDMNT provides the ability to add up to four step motor and servo motor drives with Pulse/Dir interface to an EtherCAT network using any of ACS’ EtherCAT masters....

2, 4 Axis Pulse Direction Drive Interface Module with Feedback

The PDICL (PDI – Pulse/dir Drive Interface) is an EtherCAT interface to Pulse/dir step motor and servo motor drives...

2 to 4 axis +/-10V drive interface

The UDI (UDI - Universal Drive Interface) is a compact EtherCAT module that controls up to 4 motor drives with industry standard ±10V interface....
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