Laser Control Module


EtherCAT Laser Control Module


LCM is an EtherCAT slave module that enables ACS Controllers and Control Modules to control a laser source directly with full synchronization to motion, resulting in highest quality laser micro-machining and optimal throughput.
It is able to interface with a wide range of lasers designed for processing and machining applications such as DPSS, CO2, excimer, fiber, Q-switched, picosecond, femtosecond, and more.


Functional Summary

  • Digital pulse modulation for dynamic laser power control
  • Pulse synchronization with XYZ motion path at specific positions
  • Laser gating (on/off) synchronization with XYZ motion path at specific positions
  • Flexible electrical interface: laser enable output, safety interlock input, fault input for robust safety implementation, general purpose programmable I/O
  • User defined operational zones
  • Laser delay compensation
  • Auxiliary P/D outputs
  • Ability to combine control modes to meet wide ranging application requirements



Laser Control Modes


  • Digital Modulation Mode (for power control)
    › Fixed frequency
    › Fixed pulse width
    › Fixed duty cycle
  • Tickle Mode
    › Fixed frquency and pulse width
  • Fixed Distance Pulse Firing Mode
  • Array Based Pulse Firing Mode
  • Array Based Gating Mode
  • Axis Range Windowing Mode
  • Motion Capabilities (by ACS Controller)
  • Rapid point to point positioning on a single or multi-axis using 3rd order interpolation
  • Up to 5 axes cordinted path motion via G-Code or ACS native XSEG motion commands with advanced look-ahead and corner rounding algorithms
  • Error mapping compensation
  • Support for cartesian and non-cartesian systems



Capabilities for Laser Processing Applications

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