Motion Centric

Motion Centric


  • Flexible application programming using the ACSPL+ multi-tasking language with floating point and user units support
  • Short time to market - fast implementation of complex applications using powerful support tools with the unique controller simulator
  • Advanced tuning tools including FFT analysis, profile and variables monitoring for optimal and fast system setup
  • Dual loop control for responsive lead-screw and belt driven based systems
  • Open architecture design offers a variety of communication options including PCI-bus, serial and Ethernet communications
  • Remote monitoring using the Ethernet link
  • A 20kHz servo update rate and a 5kHz profile update rate for tight position control and synchronization with external processes
  • Up to eight axis arbitrary path generation with cubic interpolation (PVT)
  • Powerful inverse kinematics using the CONNECT command

Better Control for Unique Assembly Systems


IXMATION NORTH AMERICA designs and builds unique assembly systems for customers in the Medical, Electronics, Consumer goods, and Automotive industries.
IXMATION uses a variety of ACS’ SPiiPlus controllers.
“In multi-axis motion controllers, the top three characteristics we look for are technical support, performance and features.
ACS offers superior quality and service in all these categories. It is typical to get a direct connection with an ACS application engineer who is extremely knowledgeable, not only with ACS products, but with general motion and closed-loop control to help solve technical issues in a timely manner.
ACS’s ability to remotely connect and take control of our PC to help examine mechanical performance or tuning has been extremely valuable in keeping our projects moving forward. 
The unique SPiiPlus simulator allows our engineers to develop and test motion routines with surprising simulated performance before the equipment is actually built. As users of Allen-Bradley PLCs, the Ethernet/IP connectivity is a must for our applications. The ACS’ implementation of the Ethernet/IP is easy to setup and use and provides flexible Read/Write access to low-level controller parameters as well as to user defined variables.”
J.S.Senior Controls Engineer / Group Leader, IXMATION North America


ACS utilizes a unique control solution which provides superior performance with H-bot gantry systems.

HBOT Application Story (Jun. 2015)

DynamiCam 3D motion - robotic cable systems

Using ACS Motion Control complete motion solution


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