Nano PWM Drive Modules

NanoPWM™ EtherCAT Drive Modules with Unprecedented Move & Settle, Nanometer Jitter, Smooth Velocity.

1,2 drives, 12-100v, up to 13.3/40A

The Ultimate Drive for The Most Demanding Positioning Applications* Sub-nanometer standstill jitter* Nanometer tracking error and best velocity smoothness...

1,2 drives, 12-100V, up to 13.3/40A

The NPMpm is a line of the most advanced servo drives available today.It is specifically designed to address the most demanding applications with regards to move and settle times, standstilljitter, and velocity smoothness, such as wafer metrology and inspection, FPD ins...

8-Axis Modular EtherCAT Drive Module

The MP4U is an 8-axis modular EtherCAT drive module that enables the user to tailor the specific drive for each axis. Different drives can be selected for each pair of axes as well as the power supplies....
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