The Most Powerful EtherCAT Motion Controller

The Most Powerful EtherCAT Motion Controller

64 axes, 1000's of I/Os, 5kHz rate, NetworkBoost Ring topology



ACS Motion Control is pleased to release it's most powerful motion controller and EtherCAT® master.





The SPiiPlusEC is the most powerful motion controller and EtherCAT master available today. It addresses the needs of demanding applications that require high rates of multi-axis profile generation and EtherCAT cycles and enhanced reliability of the EtherCAT network.

The SPiiPlusEC controls up to 64 axes and thousands of I/Os. It supports rates of profile generation and EtehrCAT cycles of up to 5KHz. The network can be comprised of any of ACS’ servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as of any certified EtherCAT module made by other vendors that complies with CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol.

The SPiiPlusEC (as well as the SPiiPlusSC PC based soft controller)  supports the unique  feature that increases machines’ uptime by using ring topology-based redundancy to continue operation when a network cable failure is detected.

The SPiiPlusEC is complimented by the SPiiPlusNT comprehensive suite of software tools designed to minimize time to market and to address the specific machine requirements throughout its whole life cycle. It provides extraordinarily easy automatic system and network setup, axis setup, fast host and embedded application development, a built-in full simulator, powerful remote access and diagnostics, and fast error recovery, thereby reducing development effort and costs.


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