2 to 8 NanoPWM Motor Drives System with ±10V Current Commands


    2 to 8 NanoPWMTM Motor Drives System with ±10V Current Commutation Commands           


The Ultimate Modular Drive for Demanding Positioning Applications

  • Sub-nanometer standstill jitter
  • Nanometer tracking error and optimal velocity smoothness

Fully Integrated 19” Rack Mounted Drive Module

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 drives
  • Motor phase current: 3.3A/10A, 6.6A/20A, 10A/30A, 13.3A/40A (sine-amplitude cont./peak)
  • 3.2kW Drive Power Supply. Input: 100-240Vac.
  • Single and Dual Drive Supply Voltage:
    › 96Vdc, 32A
    › 48Vdc, 64A
    › 96Vdc and 48Vdc, 32A

Replacing Linear Drives While Gaining All the Advantages of PWM Drives

  • ±10v current commutation commands
  •  Current command Dynamic range control
  • Current control dynamic range > 100db (100,000:1)
  • Lower heat dissipation
  • Better reliability
  • Significantly smaller
  • Simpler supply requirements
  • Digitally controlled and easy setup
  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • Built-in motor phases shortening relays

The NPARM is an integrated servo motor drive system that is designed to operate with any motion controller with ±10V current commutation commands interface. It includes 2 to 8 drives that enable achieving motion performance that exceeds the performance achievable with linear drives, in a much smaller package, with significantly lower heat dissipation and higher reliability.

The NPARM 19”, 6U enclosure includes a 3.2kW power supply, with a single or two outputs, providing 48V or 96V or both, and power regeneration circuitry.

The NPARM has 4 slots for two-axis drive plug-in modules. Each slot can accommodate a drive module operating with different current and voltage ratings.

The NPARM is specifically designed to address the most demanding applications with regards to move and settle times, standstill jitter, and velocity smoothness, such as wafer metrology and inspection, FPD inspection, and ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components.
The unique   feature enables the motion controller to dynamically modify the range of the current command and together with the  technology achieving an unprecedented current control with dynamic range of >100dB (100,000:1), resulting in better velocity smoothness and lower position jitter.

The current loop filter is programmable. Its gains can be selected by setting a DIP-Switch to one of 16 pre-set values, as well as by using the SPiiPlusMMI software suite for the ultimate fine tuning.

The drives are protected against over current, over temperature, and over voltage, and protect against motor over temperature.

The drives include relays that shorten the motor phases when a drive is disabled.

The NPARM supports E-Stop input that complies with CE and UL safety standard as well as STO (Safe Torque Off) to comply with EN ISO 13849-1, SIL3 and PLe.

CE, UL (Pending)

EtherCAT® is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany



Per Drive A B C D
Continuous/Peak current Sine amplitude [A] 3.3/10 6.6/20 10/30 13.3/40
Continuous/peak current [Arms] 2.3/7 4.6/14.1 7/21.2 9.4/28.2
Maximum cont./peak output power @ 96Vdc [W] 229/675   459/1350   695/2025  924/2700
Peak current time [sec] 1
Minimum load inductance @96Vdc [mH] 0.5
Per Module
Control Supply input [Vac] 100-240
Drive Supply input [Vac] 100-240
Drive Supply output(s) [Vdc] 48Vdc, 64A
96Vdc, 32A
Both 96Vdc and 48Vdc, 32A
Maximum cont. input current [A]
per plug-in drive module
(i = 1 or 2 ; number of drives)*
i x 2.5 i x 4.9 i x 7.5 i x 10.0
Maximum heat dissipation per
plug-in drive module [W]
(i = 1 or 2 ; number of drives)**
7 +
i x 0.9
7 +
i x 2.1
7 +
i x 3.7
7 +
i x 5.6
Maximum heat dissipation on
drive supply for plug-in drive
module [W] (i = 1 or 2 ; number of
i x 12 i x 24 i x 37 i x 49

* The total current that is extracted from the Drive supply is the sum of the input currents of each plug-in drive module.
** The total heat dissipation is the sum of the heat dissipation of each plug-in drive module and heat dissipation of the power supply for each plug-in drive module.



Type: three-phase bridge technology.
PWM frequency: 20kHz.
Switching method: Advanced unipolar PWM.
Control: PI digital filter. PI gains are selected by a four position DIP-switch or programmed when connected to a PC.
Current loop sampling rate and update rate: 20 kHz.
Programmable current loop bandwidth: up to 4kHz, will vary with tuning & load parameters.
Built-in motor phases shortening relays.
Protection: Over voltage, Over current, Overtemperature, Drive saturation, Phase to phase and phase to ground short (short circuit on one of the motor phases might damage the drive).
Motor over temperature protection.
Type: Single ended, opto-isolated.
Built-in motor phases shortening relays (optional): disconnects the motor from the drive and disconnects the phases of the motor.


The module is fed by two AC power sources.
PWR-IN drive supply and a AC-IN control supply.
Drive Supply (PWR-IN): 100-240Vac feeds the internal drive supply that generates the 48/96Vdc to the plug-in drive modules.
Input Current rating should be calculated based on actual load, up to 16A.
Control Supply (AC-IN): 100-240Vac feeds the internal control supply that generates the 24Vdc ± 10%.
Maximum input current 1.7A @100Vac
(0.7A@ 240Vac).


Motor Type

Two- and three-phase permanent magnet synchronous (DC brushless/AC servo), DC brush, Voice coil, Two- and three-phase stepper (micro-stepping open or closed loop).


Drive-Controller Interface

Current command Input
Type: Sine wave current commutation commands, ±10V differential, 16 bit resolution.
Offset: <20mV, Bandwidth <5KHz.
Dynamic range control input
5V, opto-isolated, source. Input current <7mA.
When 0V (DGND), a 10V command will generate the specified maximum current.
When 5V, a 10V command will generate 1/8 of the specified maximum current.
Drive On/Off output: TTL, active low, upon enable this signal is low (DGND), upon drive disable this signal is high.
Output current 1mA.
Drive enable input: TTL, active low (DGND).
Input current: <7mA.
Drive fault output: TTL, active high.
Output current 1mA.


Drive status display

One per drive, 7 segment display.
Fault Indications: Over voltage, STO, short current, drive over temperature, motor over temperature, drive over current, drive saturation.


STO (Safe Torque Off) inputs

Two inputs. 24V ±20%, Input current: <200mA.
All drives are disabled within 200mS.


Current monitoring analog outputs

Two per drive, for motor phases S and T.
Type: ±10V, differential, 16 bit resolution.
Offset: ±50mV, Max. output load: 10kΩ.

EtherCAT Communication

Used to connect to an ACS motion controller for current loop setup and fine tuning purposes.
One EtherCAT port per module.
Type RJ45 connector.


Operating range: 0 to + 45°C.
Storage and transportation range: -25 to +60°C.
Humidity (operating range): 5% to 90% non-condensing.


LxDxH (mm3):
440 (483 w/ears) x 266 (306 w/ handles) x 260 (6U).


4-axis: 11.8 (Kg).
8-axis: 13.3 (Kg).


NPArm-ACC1: 4-axis mating connectors kit.
NPArm-ACC2: 8-axis mating connectors kit.

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