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Optimize EtherCAT-Based Motion System Performance With Our New IDM Series

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In our last blog post, we explored our new Economical Control Module (ECM) series, which combines a motion controller and motor drives in one industrialized package. This month, we turn to another new product—the IDMsm, which is the first model in our Intelligent Drive Module (IDM) Series of EtherCAT® DS402 drives. This new product series represents the first motor drives offered by ACS that can be controlled by a third-party device.

The IDMsm’s advanced servo control algorithms and universal motor drive technology make it a powerful, scalable and versatile motion solution for demanding applications with third-party EtherCAT controllers.

What is the IDMsm Drive?

At ACS Motion Control, we designed the IDMsm to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that employ EtherCAT-based control systems with high-precision motion stages. Controllable by any EtherCAT master, its unique servo control algorithms and software tools help maximize your motion system performance. Its universal servo drive technology provides system designers with the flexibility to control almost any type of motor or stage.

The IDMsm also features powerful multithreaded real-time programming and tuning optimization tools, offering existing EtherCAT drive users a new set of tools for reaching new levels of motion system performance.

When Would I Use the IDMsm?

The IDMsm is ideal for applications with non-ACS EtherCAT controllers that need:

  • Improved performance and stability on high-precision motion stages.
  • High-speed triggering synchronized to position (inspection head, external sensor activation, etc.).
  • Support for various encoder feedback technologies.
  • Advanced gantry control for improved performance and flexibility.
  • Advanced servo control algorithms customized by ACS. (Please contact an ACS representative for more information.)
  • Stages employing multiple motor technologies.
  • User programmability with real-time program execution (homing routines, commutation, data processing, autofocus, etc.).
  • Dual loop feedback control.
  • High-speed data acquisition and position capture.
What Are the IDMsm Product Highlights?

The IDMsm integrates advanced servo control capabilities that enable maximum motion performance, while its multithreading capabilities and universal motor support promote greater application and motor/stage flexibility.

Other key features include:

  • Standard DS402 (CiA402) CANOpen over EtherCAT interface
  • 20 kHz servo sampling and updating of position, velocity and current loop
  • Maximum drive current: 5/10 A per axis
  • Drive supply input: 12–48 Vdc
  • Eight limit sensor inputs
  • Four motor brake outputs
  • Four high-speed position capture (MARK) inputs
  • Four high-speed position event generation (PEG) outputs
  • Eight general purpose outputs
  • Functional safety: STO, SS1
How Can I Learn More About the IDMsm?

For more information on our IDM Series, please visit our product page. Our experts are also happy to answer any questions you might have.

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