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REGEN-300W accessory
Shunt Regeneration Module

The REGEN-300W regeneration module is a 300W active shunt resistor. It is designed to absorb excess energy coming from the motor during deceleration. This module monitors the drive supply continuously. In cases where it crosses the defined level (due to energy generated by the motor), a powerful resistor connected in parallel to the drive supply dissipates the excessive energy. When the drive supply reduces below the defined level, then the resistor disconnects from the drive supply.

Key Specs and Capabilities

Key Specifications

  • Resistance: 6.3 Ohms
  • Max Continuous Power Rating: 300 W
  • Nominal Clamping Voltage: 62 or 102 V (configuration dependent)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 114 x 221 x 113 mm

Technical Resources


REGEN-300W Datasheet

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CAD Files

REGEN-300W 2D DWG Drawing

REGEN-300W 3D STEP Model