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Host application library structure
Host Application Libraries
Bring Machines to Market Faster with Full-Featured API Libraries

For most OEM machine builders, software represents the majority of development efforts and costs. The controller’s host application programming libraries directly impact machine functionality and time-to-market. ACS offers extensive powerful host application libraries that work seamlessly with all controller models and the SPiiPlus Simulator.

Key Specs and Capabilities

Available Libraries


Key Features

  • Example projects for multiple environments: Visual Studio (C++, C#, VB), LabView
  • Rich pre-defined event generation (callbacks) options: motion complete, motion interrupted, program complete, and more
  • Flexible user-defined event generation options
  • Comprehensive error handling codes and descriptions
  • Up to 10 simultaneous communication channels for multi-application or multi-controller use cases

Technical Resources

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SPiiPlus .NET Library Programmer's Guide

SPiiPlus C Library Reference Programmer's Guide

SPiiPlus COM Library Programmer's Guide

SPiiPlus MATLAB Library Programmer's Guide

FRF Library Programmer's Guide

Software Downloads

SPiiPlus ADK Suite (Libraries and Sample Projects Included)

Additional Links and Downloads

My First ACS .NET Application - White Paper by PI
(See "Further Features and Capabilities" section)