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Reduce Machine Time to Market With Our ECMsa Single-Axis Controller-Drive Package

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We recently rolled out many new motion control products and capabilities in our SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.10 release. These unique motion controllers, motor drives, machine learning and control algorithms, and advanced software tools are designed to enhance the performance and repeatability of your motion system.

Kicking off a series of blog posts about these new products and capabilities, we turn now to the ECMsa — a compact, single-axis motion controller with integrated servo drive. Let’s take a deep dive into its features and benefits as an all-in-one motion controller and drive package.

Value, Flexibility and Ease of Integration

Part of our Economical Control Module (ECM) Series, the ECMsa is ideal for single-axis applications that require high precision at an economical price-point. Its unique multi-processor architecture leverages powerful control algorithms to achieve best-in-class motion system performance, while its universal servo drive technology provides system designers with the flexibility to control almost any type of motor or stage. Supported motors include DC brush, two- and three-phase DC brushless, two- and three-phase stepper (open or closed loop) and voice coil motors. The ECMsa supports up to 150 VDC (drive supply) and up to 15/30 A current output.

Supported by our SPiiPlus ADK Suite, the ECMsa comes with many advanced application development tools and capabilities, including:

  • Robust programming libraries and simulation tools to minimize application development effort.
  • A powerful real-time programming environment, enabling sophisticated machine functionality.
  • Advanced servo control tools and capabilities to maximize motion system performance: frequency response analysis and design, autotuning, dynamic error compensation, dual-loop control, autofocus control and more.
  • High-speed position event generation for triggering cameras and other measurement devices to enhance machine accuracy and throughput.

Other ECMsa specs include:

  • A compact, industrial, panel-mounted package
  • Host communication: TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus and RS-232
  • Servo loop sampling, update and data collection rate: 20 kHz
  • Bus voltage: 12–150 Vdc
  • Current: Up to 15/30 A at 100 Vdc bus and up to 10/20 A at 150 Vdc bus
  • Functional safety options: STO and SS1
  • Two encoder channels for AqB, Absolute or SinCos encoders
  • Digital I/O: one high-speed position capture (MARK) input; one high-speed PEG output; two limit sensor inputs; one brake output; and one general purpose output and input.
Learn More About Our ECM Products

For more information about our ECM Series, please visit our product pages for the ECMsm and new ECMsa. You can also contact our technical experts to learn more.

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