Regeneration Module

Regeneration Module


Regeneration Module 

> The Regeneration module is an
active shunt resistor designed
to absorb excessive energy coming
from the motor during motor
deceleration or immediate stop.


> This module monitors the drive
supply continuously and in cases
where the drive supply crosses the
defined level (due to energy
generated by the motor) a powerful
resistor, which is connected in
parallel to the drive supply,
dissipates the excessive energy.


> When the drive supply is reduced
below the defined level then the
resistor disconnects from the drive


> Modules of 300W are available.



Operating range: 0 to + 50°C
Storage and transportation range: -25 to +70°C
Humidity operating range: 35% to 85% non-condensing.
Storage and transportation range: 5 to 95% NC


114 x 221 x 113 (WxDxH) mm.3



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