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Products, Features, and Technologies for Wide-Ranging Motion Control Challenges

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- Wafer Positioning Stages

  • 20kHz servo sampling and update rate with sophisticated standard control algorithms: cascaded PIV loop structure, multiple 2nd order filters, feedforward terms, space vector modulation and field oriented control
  • High resolution encoder based sinusoidal commutation for smoothest possible motion, eliminating the need for hall sensors
  • Flexible controller and drive hardware options including ‘All in one’ rack mount and ‘distributed standalone’ panel/machine mount solutions  Product Overview
  • Powerful MIMO Gantry Control algorithm Video
  • Unique  drive hardware for highest performance positioning applications requiring minimal jitter and sub-nanometer resolution NPMPM
  • Optional adaptive  control algorithm to optimize move and settle time, minimize standstill jitter, eliminate motor cogging, optimize velocity smoothness
  • High frequency (up to 10MHz), high resolution analog SinCos encoder interpolation for connecting laser scale encoder feedbacks (e.g. LaserScale by Magnescale, RLE by Renishaw)
  • On the fly encoder switching and loss detection for dual loop feedback schemes Video
  • Dynamic autofocus algorithms providing smooth switching between encoder and focus sensor
  • Linear and non-linear interpolated 1D, 2D, and 3D stage error mapping with user definable mapping resolution
  • High speed position based outputs with under 100ns delay (PEG) for inspection head / vision / laser triggering
  • High speed position capture inputs with under 100ns delay (MARK) for registering encoder positions upon system events
  • Stage Motion Performance Analyzer (Coming Soon)
  • Control algorithms and kinematics for non-cartesian stages including Z/Tip/Tilt, R/Theta, X/Z Wedge, etc.


- Optics Alignment

  • Control up to 64 axes with sub-microsecond synchronization from a single controller, easily defining sub-system axis groups based on responsibility and/or priority
  • Control 3rd party drive/motor combinations and wide range of generic and application specific I/O from any of ACS’ EtherCAT master controllers ( qualified devices list availiable upon request)
  • Customized control algorithms for custom mechanics
  • Easily handle high inertia mismatches
  • Small, economical drive form factors for low power motors


- Pick/Place and Wafer Handling

  • Control SCARA and custom robotic assemblies smoothly with flexible inverse and forward kinematic implementation capability and high order motion profiles
  • Sophisticated Pre-Ignition capability, allowing events (motion, output activation, etc.) to start at a defined time before end of motion
  • Optional adaptive  control algorithm to optimize move and settle time, minimize standstill jitter, eliminate motor cogging, and automatically handle changing load of extended actuator 
  • Multi-tasking, multi-threaded real time programming environment easily optimizes throughput
  • Unique drive form factors well suited for mounting on moving pick/place heads or robot arms


- On-Site Demonstration

Evaluate the potential of an ACS Motion Control solution to improve your Equipment’s Accuracy, Resolution, Throughput, and Uptime.
Contact our local sales and application representatives today to setup an evaluation:


- Partnerships

ACS partners with leading stage manufacturers and component suppliers to provide complete motion system solutions.




- Customer Testimonial: 
Wafer Inspection with Nanometer Level Performance


Hermes Microvision Inc. (HMI) develops the most advanced E-beam Inspection (EBI) tools and solutions for leading semiconductor companies.

“HMI has been using ACS controller for more than 12 years.
It is a reliable and high performance controller.
The MMI software is versatile and user friendly for both the development and field engineering. Tech support is timely, responsive, and effective. ACS has excellent knowledge of motion control engineering and is able and willing to customize for special applications. It enables us to have the most advanced control solution to meet our special needs. 
The ServoBoost™ control algorithm demonstrated its superior function in improving our demanding motion performance.”
B.C., Mechanical Engineer, HMI


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