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Smarter Evaluation Solutions for Original Equipment Machine Manufacturers

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A questionable outlook on travel and visiting policies; surges in demand for electrical components for 5G, IoT, AI and emerging industries; and shrinking part sizes with increased feature densities — these trends paint a clear picture. Machine manufacturers who fail to invest and innovate will continue to fall short while trying to meet increasingly demanding motion precision and throughput requirements. While the automation industry has been busy, finding the time to evaluate new motion control systems with the potential to increase machine performance can come with its challenges.

To simplify this process, ACS Motion Control is partnering with machine builders by providing a number of different ways to evaluate the performance enhancing features needed for new machine designs. The new OEM Motion Control System Evaluation Program is designed for machine builders who are looking to test the many different advanced features offered by ACS Motion Control.

Program participants will work alongside ACS engineers while learning and testing new motion profile generation, servo control algorithm, motion-to-process synchronization and other advanced capabilities while using ACS motion control systems — optionally integrated as part of a full motion system with high-precision motion stages. The equipment, the features and the support are designed to solve common problems that exist today in advanced high-precision applications: jitter, oscillations, noise, friction effects, cogging, jerk, resonances, cyclical alignment errors, velocity regulation, non-linear phenomena and more.

Solutions to these problems include:

  • Advanced real-time adaptive servo control algorithms.
  • Pre-emptive compensatory servo control learning algorithms.
  • Advanced motion profile generation.
  • Corner rounding and lookahead features.
  • High-speed position event generation and registration mark capture.
  • Advanced auto-tuning tools.
  • Sophisticated frequency measurement, analysis and design tools.
  • Motion stage performance analysis software.
  • CAD to motion GUI solutions.
  • Motion and machine simulation features.

These solutions — and more — can be evaluated onsite at your facility, at your personal work desk or even in your home office.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact your ACS sales contact.


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