SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.60 Release

SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.60 Release


SPiiPlus ADK Suite Version 2.60 is Released          

ACS Motion Control is pleased to release SPiiPlus ADK software version 2.60 for all ACS’ products.
It is available for download at: 
SPiiPlus ADK Suite Download  
(for registered customers only).


SPiiPlus ADK v2.60 features an updated MMI Application Studio which includes

  • Support for Dynamic Error Compensation
  • Enhanced diagnostics capabilities
  • MATLAB library
  • New and updated ACSPL+ functions, commands, and variables
  • Support for new products

SPiiPlus ADK v2.60 includes the ACS Knowledge Center within the SPiiPlusMMI Application Studio and as a standalone application available as a separate download.

A CD with the SPiiPlus ADK Suite is not provided with ACS controller hardware.

New Products Supported

  • SLEC 
    • An EtherCAT node that bridges an ACS EtherCAT motion controller and a Scanlab scanner controller.
    • Used as a part of the XLSCAN solution.
    • A joint development of ACS Motion Control with Scanlab GmbH.

SLEC Product PageProduct Guide

 XLSCAN in laser Processing Applications page


SPiiPlus ADK New Capabilities and Features 

  • Standard Support for Dynamic Error Compensation
    • The motion profile can be modified according to a preset correction map created from the measurements of the mechanical imperfections that result from manufacturing tolerances.
  • SPiiPlus MATLAB Library
    • Host applications can be written with MATLAB 
  • Basic functionality for Measuring Move & Settle
    • Enables to analyze the performance time until motion is settled within the target radius.
  • Default Homing Methods support
    • A set of predefined homing methods in accordance with DS402 standard.
  • SPiiPlusSC New Features
    • File System improvements
    • UEFI x64 system support
  • Separate RMS Protection for Drive and Motor
  • Auto-mapping of IOMNT to ACSPL
    • Variables IN and OUT.
  • Additional GSP G&M Code Extensions and fields
  • SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio
    • Current Loop Auto Tuning
    • Updated Open Loop Verification
    • XRMSD and XRMSTM Support
    • CERRK Support
    • KDEC Support
    • Support of Auto-mapping of  IOMnt
    • Continuous hall correction and alignment offset during commutation
  • SPiiPlus C Library
    • Extended segmented motion is updated.
    • New program management functions are added.
    • Position Event Generation (PEG) functions are updated



New Documents

  • SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.60 Release Notes
  • Product Guide: SLEC Installation Guide
  • Software Guide: SPiiPlus MATLAB Library Programmer's Guide

Updated Documents

  • SPiiPlus ACSPL+ Programmer's Guide
  • SPiiPlus Command & Variable Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  • GSP_G&M Codes Extension to ACSPL+ Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlus Setup Guide
  • SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio User Guide
  • SPiiPlus Modbus Guide
  • SPiiPlus C Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus COM Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus .NET Programmers Guide
  • SPiiPlus Ethernet IP Guide

SPiiPlusSC Installation

  • SPiiPlusSC FW 2.60 requires full Installation of the SPiiPlusSC 2.60 installation
  • SPiiPlusSC Installation 2.60 does not support older FW versions

The SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller Installation software V2.60 is now available on a USB flash disk, as an optional accessory.



Updated Documents

  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC Troubleshooting Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows 7-8-10 


Software download and instructions: SPiiPlus ADK Suite 
For registered customers.

Complete and detailed information: RN SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.60

'Application and Release Notes' (For registered customers)




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