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SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.01

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Download the SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.01 package and Release Notes (Requires registration and ACS download authorization)

ACS Motion Control is pleased to release the SPiiPlus ADK Suite version 3.01 software package for application development with ACS products. SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.01 includes the ACS Knowledge Center within the SPiiPlusMMI Application Studio and as a standalone application, available as a separate download.

SPiiPlus ADK Suite New Capabilities and Features
  • MMI Application Studio
    • The MMI Application Studio has a new look and feel and includes numerous updates to the software, enhancing usability and capabilities.
  • ACSPL+ Composite Data Structures
    • ACSPL+ now supports user-defined composite data types, similar to structs in C.
  • ACSPL + User-Defined Functions with Parameters
    • ACSPL+ now supports user-defined functions with parameters
  • Safe Stop 1 (SS1) and Safe Torque Off (STO)
    • UDMmc now supports Safe Stop 1 (SS1) with Firmware v3.00. A change is introduced in Safe Torque Off (STO) default response – now motion is automatically terminated upon a safety event before the motors become disabled.
  • Dynamic Loading for Random PEG
    • The PEG_R command now supports dynamic loading of an arbitrary number of
      coordinates, rather than being limited to 256 or 1024 coordinate values in a static array.
  • Skywriting – XSEG External Loops in Corner
    • The XSEG External loops feature provides constant velocity throughout segment trajectory (without acceleration /deceleration) and exact corner geometry (without corner rounding).
  • G-Code Extensions
    • Support for rotary axes and and a lead-in segment for arcs requiring radius compensation.
  • Enhanced Input Shaping
    • Input Shaping is a feed-forward control technique for reducing vibrations in computer controlled machines. The SPiiPlus controller implements an Input Shaping algorithm patented by Convolve, Inc. The new Input Shaping implementation allows use of this feature without calling the CONNECT function
  • Enhanced Simulator Capabilities
    • The simulator supports system-specific features and behavior.
  • Special TCP Communication Mode
    • ACS controllers can serve as TCP clients using a special communication mode (raw protocol). This functionality provides an easier way to communicate with MODBUS devices, for example. This functionality is activated by opening a client TCP socket for communication with any PLC / PC TCP server. In addition, the communication channel used for this connection enters a special working mode.
New Documents
  • SPiiPlus ADK Suite 3.01 Release Notes
Updated Documents
  • SPiiPlus ACSPL+ Programmer’s Guide
  • SPiiPlus Command & Variable Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  • GSP_G&M Codes Extension to ACSPL+ Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlus C Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus .NET Programmers Guide
SPiiPlusSC Installation
  • SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller Installation software V3.01 is now available. Please contact ACS for access to this software, it is not included in the SPiiPlus ADK Suite

Download the SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.01 package and Release Notes (Requires registration and ACS download authorization)

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