High Performance Multi-Axis EtherCAT® Controller & DS402 Multi-Axis EtherCAT® Drive Node



ACS Motion Control is pleased to release the SPiiPlusES, a high performance programmable motion controller and EtherCAT Master that can be connected as a node to any EtherCAT network utilizing the standard DS402 CAN Over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol. 
To the external EtherCAT Master it looks like a highly programmable multi-Axis motor drive.






The SPiiPlusES expands the capability of any EtherCAT Automation Controller to manage up to 64 axes and thousands of I/O utilizing ACS EtherCAT sub-network.
With up to 8 drives/axes, standard DS402 commands are used. For additional drives/axes, up to 64, DS402 manufacturer’s specific commands are used. It supports distributed clock and the ability to synchronize the two EtherCAT networks.
Any application in the fields of Semiconductors, Laser micro-machining, Electronics manufacturing, digital printing and more, that uses an EtherCAT automation controller will benefit from the unique and advanced capabilities of ACS programmable motion controller and wide range of drives to enhanced accuracy and throughput.

The SPiiPlusES is complimented by the comprehensive SPiiPlus ADK suite of software tools designed to minimize time to market and to address the specific machine requirements throughout its whole life cycle. It provides extraordinarily easy automatic system and network setup, axis setup, fast host and embedded application development, a built-in full simulator, powerful remote access and diagnostics, and fast error recovery, thereby reducing development effort and costs.

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