SPiiPlusNT Suite v.2.28 ADK Release

SPiiPlusNT Suite v.2.28 ADK Release


SPiiPlusNT-SC Software Version 2.28 is Released          

ACS Motion Control is pleased to release SPiiPlusNT-SC software version 2.28 for all ACS’ products.

v2.28 features, among other enhancements, the new MMI Application Studio with the powerful and fully automatic system and EtherCAT® setup, and support for the SPiiPlusSC soft controller in Windows 8.1.


SPiiPlusNT New Capabilities and Features 

  • MMI Application Studio automatic system setup and EtherCAT network configuration
  • New C and COM Libraries  functions, including:
    • Saving user applications to non-volatile memory
    • Improved PEG (Position Event Generator) features
  • SPiiPlusEC - the most powerful motion controller and EtherCAT® Network Manager, with   SPiiPlusEC Product Page




New Documents

  • SPiiPlusNT-SC 2.28 Release Notes
  • SPiiPlusEC Installation Guide
  • EM64 Installation and Application Note

Updated documents

  • ACSPL+ Programmer's Guide
  • SPiiPlus C Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus COM Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus Command & Variable Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio User Guide
  • SPiiPlus NT PEG and MARK Operations Application Note


SPiiPlusSC New Capabilities and Features


  •  Windows 8.1 x64 and Windows 8.1 x86
  • x86 UEFI systems
  • Hyper-threading optimization for x64 systems
  • Additional network cards for EtherCAT® communication
  •   increases machine uptime by using ring topology-based redundancy to continue operation during network cable failure.



Updated documents

  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC Troubleshooting Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows 8
  • SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows 7
  • SPiiPlusSC Setup for Windows XP
  • SPiiPlusSC  SW & HW Requirements
  • SPiiPlusSC Qualified PCs


Software download and instructions: www.acsmotioncontrol.com/downloads 
'MMI Application Studio' (For registered customers)

Complete and detailed information: RN SPiiPlusNT-SC 2.28 
'Application and Release Notes' (For registered customers)




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