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Smart Motion Commander


Smart Motion Commander          

Customizable CNC HMI Platform for High Precision Machining and Processing Applications

  • Leverages the SPiiPlus EtherCAT® Based Motion Control Product Line for CNC Control.
  • User-customization via MS Visual C#, customization also offered by ACS and it’s partners.
    ›› Integrated vision, visualization, application specific screens, etc.
  • Accepts NC files with Standard RS-274 G & M Codes, support for User Definable G & M Codes.
    ›› Contact ACS regarding compatible CAD/CAM packages and post-processors.
  • Suitable for any PC running Windows versions 7 and newer, optimized to require minimal PC resources.


SPiiPlusSMC is a CNC HMI software platform for OEMs and system integrators of high precision machining and material processing equipment such as laser cutting / processing / micromachining, or precision grinding, additive manufacturing, and more.

The SPiiPlusSMC, which leverages a SPiiPlus EtherCAT® based control system, functions as the CNC controller, is designed primarily with flexibility and ease of customization in mind and significantly reduces the effort spent by the machine builder on developing and maintaining HMI software. Instead the machine builder can focus on optimizing the application and improving machine performance, resulting in shorter time to market and greater machine accuracy, precision, and throughput.



Additional SPiiPluSMC HMI Features

  • Automatic, Manual & MDI (Manual Data Insertion)
    Execution Modes
  • Flexible single and multi-axis manual operations
    ›› Multi-speed Continuous/Incremental Jog
    ›› Homing
    ›› Enable/Disable
  • Flexible NC Program Flow Control Options
    ›› Mid Program Start
  • Machine Configuration View
    ›› Configure Axes
    ›› Machine Parameters
    ›› Coordinate Offsets
  • Comprehensive Real Time Displays
    ›› Axis positions, following errors, distance to go
    ›› Feed Rate: command, actual, override
    ›› Active G/M/T-Codes (modal status) and Tool Offsets
    ›› Alarms/faults
    ›› Real-time program execution monitoring
  • User customizable components via MS Visual C#
    ›› UI screens/tabs/buttons
    ›› Logic/faults/alarms
  • Advanced customization options
    ›› Application specific functionality
    ›› Visualization
  • Debugging aids
    ›› Real-Time Variable Watches
    ›› Message and Fault Logging
    ›› Command Terminal
  • Multilingual support with customization
  • Multi-tiered user permission & access
    (Operator, Technician, Administrator, Developer)
  • Hardware / Software Requirements
    ›› OS: Windows 7 and newer (64-bit and 32-bit)


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