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Streamline OEM Integration With ECM Series Controller-Drive Package

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Integrating a complete motion control solution consisting of the controller, drives and software takes time and can drive up costs, increasing your time to market. An all-in-one control package for applications up to four axes, our new Economical Control Module (ECM) Series overcomes these challenges.

Compared to other motion controller solutions in the market, the ECM Series offers a significant number of hardware and software capabilities in one compact, integrated package, providing you with all the tools you need for streamlined hardware and software integration.

Why Choose the ECM Series?

There are many applications that warrant a compact, cost-optimized, all-in-one control architecture. Examples include biomedical, printing and metrology equipment applications. In addition:

  • You may need an industrial, production-grade control and drive solution.
  • Your equipment may have aggressive footprint targets.
  • You may want sophisticated software functionality but don’t need nanometer-level positioning.
  • Your application involves multiple motor and stage technologies.

An ideal fit for the above scenarios, our new ECM Series integrates powerful tuning and performance analysis software tools, as well as sophisticated host libraries. Its universal drive technology supports brushless, brush, voice coil and stepper (open or closed loop) motors and features an industrial panel mount enclosure with connectors well-suited for controlling motion stages. Other product highlights include:

  • Drive supply input: 12 to 48 Vdc
  • Maximum current output per axis: 5/10A
  • Four encoder channels
  • Controller cycle rate: 1 kHz
  • Functional safety options: STO and SS1
  • Flexible host PC/PLC/PAC communication: TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus and RS-232
  • Full-featured host programming libraries for streamlined OEM integration
Get Started Today

A compact, industrial package, our new ECM Series streamlines OEM integration at a cost-effective price point. Thanks to its comprehensive software tools and universal motor support, this unit will boost your system design flexibility and reduce your time to market. For more information on how the ECM Series can benefit your application, please visit our product page. You can also drop our experts a line to learn more.

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