Powerful Platform Designed for Performance


ACS’ powerful platform consists of an EtherCAT Controller MPU (MotionProcessor Unit) and one Servo Processor (SPii) at each EtherCAT node. The MPU can manage systems with up to 64 fully synchronized axes, executing all high level tasks, such as communication, real time ACSPL+ and PLC programs, diagnostics, I/O control and profile generation. The SPii floating point processor at each node executes the real time control algorithms for up to four axes, always at a sampling and update rate of 20kHz for each and every axis.


The MPU can modify and update the SPii control algorithm, inject excitation signals to the controlled plant and sample real time data, such as position error, at 20kHz. ACS has utilized a distributed processor platform for over 20 years, making the adoption of EtherCAT a natural evolution. All logical and safety related issues encountered when implementing a distributed control platform (such as system response to failure of the controller, a node, or a communication link) have been solved long ago, enabling ACS to provide the most robust EtherCAT control solutions in the industry today.


High Level Integration, Enhancing Accuracy & Throughput


Performance depends on all components - controller, software, drives, power supply, interconnection and support tools. Each of these components are designed and optimized to achieve one goal: Enhancing the performance in your machine. The complete system is tested to ensure an uncompromised level of motion performance.

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