New EtherCAT Module

New EtherCAT Module

PDIcl, a 2 & 4-Axis Pulse-Dir Drive Interface + Feedback



ACS Motion Control is pleased to release the all-new PDICL.






The PDICL (Pulse-direction Drive Interface) provides the ability to connect step motor drives and servo motor drives with
Pulse-Direction interface to EtherCAT networks that are controlled by ACS' motion controller and EtherCAT master.

The PDICL includes incremental and optionally absolute digital encoder interfaces for position verification and closed
loop operation. It can be used also as a general purpose EtherCAT incremental and absolute encoder interface.
The product is offered in two versions: 2-axis and 4-axis.

The PDICL  is an effective solution to OEMs of multi-axis machinery that use an ACS EtherCAT master and need to control
additional axes using drives with Pulse-Direction interface.
A comprehensive set of software support tools, the MMI Application Studio is provided for setup, programming and

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