EXtra Large SCAN Machining Solution



XLSCAN is a unique and revolutionary eXtra Large SCAN machining solution co-developed by Scanlab GmbH and ACS Motion Control

Best in class galvo scanner solution + Best in class motion control solution = Significantly increased throughput for machining of large workpieces with the highest possible accuracy

Key Advantages of Simultaneous Motion
    >  Very large field of view
    >  Major throughput increase (up to 40 % more compared with conventional systems)
    >  No stitching errors, Enhanced accuracy
    >  Smooth processing with high dynamics and no stage vibrations

>  Scalable to support multiple scan heads

>  Fully supported by the SPiiPlusSPC for a complete control solution




System Components


>  sync AXIS control software package for extended image field processing
>  RTC6 control board
>  excelliSCAN 14 scan system


>  SPiiPlus Motion Controller & EtherCAT Master
>  XL SCAN control software package
>  ACS drives to fit the stage specifications
>  SLEC interface between RTC6 and Motion Controller

Suitable XY-Stage

>  Available from different suppliers


XL SCAN System Block Diagram


Video                        Simultaneous 2D Large Field Scanning Solution (Jul. 2017)

Flyer                         large field scanning solution (Jan. 2019)

Press Releas            
XL SCAN - Even Greater Precision While Scanning Without Limits (Dec. 2018)            

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