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XL SCAN with SPiiPlusSPC: Bring Large-Format Laser Processing Equipment to Market Faster

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The XL SCAN solution from ACS Motion Control, Ltd. and SCANLAB, GmbH provides high-accuracy high-throughput laser processing via fully synchronized control of multi-axis scan heads and multi-axis motion stages. XL SCAN was developed to address the needs of demanding large format laser processing applications including:

  • Flat panel glass and film cutting and processing
  • PCB / FPCB cutting and via drilling
  • Wafer marking and scribing

ACS has recently extended the functionality of SPiiPlusSPC, a user interface and machine control software package for laser processing systems, to control machines employing XL SCAN. “Using the XL SCAN system with SPiiPlusSPC software, laser micromachining equipment manufacturers can bring complex equipment to market without costly and time-consuming software development effort” notes Jason Goerges, Global VP of Marketing at ACS Motion Control.

XL SCAN with SPiiPlusSPC provides a comprehensive set of features to simplify many aspects of the machine development and commissioning process, including:

  • Designing, simulating, executing, and optimizing dynamic laser processes
  • Integrating vision devices and other peripherals into the automation process
  • Operating the laser processing machine in the production environment

Learn more by visiting our SPiiPlusSPC and XL SCAN webpages, or contact us at [email protected].

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