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EtherCAT PLC Integration

Minimize Integration Effort with EtherCAT-based PLCs

EtherCAT is widely recognized as the fastest Industrial Ethernet technology. For high-tech OEM machine builders employing EtherCAT-based PLCs, ACS offers select SPiiPlus motion controllers with comprehensive EtherCAT slave functionality. These products can connect to any EtherCAT master PLC as a DS402 CoE multi-axis slave drive node. Leveraging advanced network bridge technology, the ACS controller also operates simultaneously as an EtherCAT master, capable of controlling any products within the SPiiPlus Platform.

Key Specs & Capabilities

Key Features and Benefits

  • Add powerful motion control capabilities to any EtherCAT-based PLC-controlled machine
  • Streamline application development by using a motion controller to manage complex motion tasks instead of a PLC
  • Up to 5 kHz EtherCAT cycle rates for maximum responsiveness
  • Synchronization between PLC and motion controller networks for higher throughput
  • DS402 (CiA402) interface for up to 8 axes
  • File Access over EtherCAT support for simplified configuration by the PLC


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