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Maximize Throughput of Large Field Laser Processing

Traditional laser processing of large workpieces with galvo scanners and motion stages involves a step-and-scan approach. This is subject to stitching errors and limited throughput. To achieve higher throughput and accuracy, ACS Motion Control Ltd. and SCANLAB GmbH jointly developed XL SCAN: a solution that fully synchronizes the control of galvo scanner(s) and motion stages. XL SCAN provides laser processing OEM machine builders with the highest precision large format processing solution in the market.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supported by all SPiiPlus Platform controllers and drive products with SLEC synchronization node
  • Proprietary synchronization technology enables industry-leading stage + galvo scanning solution performance
  • Eliminate stitching errors
  • Minimize trial and error with rich job simulation features
  • Support for multiple scan heads
  • Advanced laser control options, including Spot Distance Control and more
  • Optionally controlled by SPiiPlusSPC



XL SCAN Datasheet

Additional Links and Downloads

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