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Laser processing system
Laser Processing Systems

Laser processing systems rely on high-precision motion control systems to process workpieces with high degrees of accuracy. OEM-focused product offerings and support, advanced profile generation and servo control algorithms, and sophisticated laser control and user interface software differentiate ACS from other motion controller and drive suppliers in the market.


Key Application Expertise

  • XYZ Cartesian Axis and ABC Rotational Axis Control
  • Fixed Beam and (Galvo) Scanner Based Processing Solutions
  • Systems with Graphical CNC-Style User Interfaces
  • Systems with Graphical CAD-to-Motion User Interfaces
  • Thin Film Patterning
  • Precision Flatbed Cutting
  • Wafer Scribing and Marking
  • Spot and Seam Welding
  • Stent and Tube Cutting
  • PCB and FPCB Drilling
  • 3D Micromachining


Key Capabilities

Technical Resources

Additional Links and Downloads

Laser Processing Control Solutions Brochure

Laser Cutting Application Story

Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Microprocessing

Unbelievable performance advantage! Your controller was VASTLY superior to the (competing motion controller). Thanks very much for letting us test it. Your application engineer did a great job, and we ran a tool path sample program we had used with the (competing motion controller) to show the problems we had. So not just following error plots – we made and measured parts under a microscope…”