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SinCos Encoder Multiplier and Splitter

The EM64 is a single-channel SinCos encoder multiplier and splitter. The encoder resolution is multiplied by up to 16, thus providing quadrature resolutions of up to 64 counts per original SinCos encoder pitch. There are two output connectors, each with a digital post-multiplication output and the original encoder signals buffered.

Key Specs and Capabilities

Key Features and Use Cases

  • Generating Position Events and capturing position when using analog SinCos encoders, with resolutions below one-quarter of the encoder cycle
  • Connecting SinCos encoders to drives that do not support analog encoders
  • Max SinCos frequency 200 kHz @ 64x post-quad interpolation

Technical Resources


EM64 Datasheet

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CAD Files

EM64 3D STEP Model


EM64 Installation Guide