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Dynamic Feedback Switching

Increase Machine Accuracy and Reliability with On-the-Fly Feedback Switching


Motion axes in high-end Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display inspection and patterning systems can employ multiple feedback sources to achieve higher accuracy and longer travel. ACS motion controller and drive solutions can offer smooth on-the-fly switching between feedback signals, ensuring the reliable operation of axes with multiple encoder scales and read heads.


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Key Features and Benefits

  • Smooth switching between feedback sources at frequencies up to 10MHz
  • Suitable for motion stages with multiple high-resolution encoder scales or laser interferometers
  • Suitable for motion stages with multiple feedback sources of different resolutions
  • Signal integrity is monitored in real-time to avoid switching
  • Avoid the added cost and lead time of extra-long high-resolution encoder scales
  • Avoid writing your own algorithms to manage feedback switching and associated error handling