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Electronics Manufacturing Systems

Accelerating global demand for high-tech products and services increases throughput and accuracy requirements from electronics and PCB manufacturing systems. SMT assembly equipment requires lightning-fast pick/place motion with vision system synchronization. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment requires rapid scanning with sophisticated user interface functionality. Dispensing and coating systems require smooth multi-axis motion with dynamic dispensing control.

ACS motion controllers and drives offer unique capabilities and solutions to address these and other needs.


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Key Application Expertise

  • SMT PCB Assembly
  • AOI and X-Ray Inspection
  • Flex PCB Cutting, Drilling, Inspection
  • Wire and Die Bonding
  • SMT PCB Dispensing
  • Automated Programmers

Key Capabilities

  • Host Application Libraries for Bringing Machines to Market Faster
  • ServoBoost for Enhanced Motion System Performance
  • Smarter Gantry Control for Maximum Machine Throughput
  • Autofocus
  • Pre-Ignition
  • Soft-Touch Landing
  • PCB Mount Drives for Integration in Pick/Place Heads
  • Unique H-Bot Control Algorithms



State-of-the-Art SMT Assembly

The SPiiPlusSC-HP EtherCAT motion controller manages the entire system. It controls the ACS servo and stepper drives, I/Os, and non-ACS drives. We implemented all real-time functionality in the ACSPL+ controller programming language. ACSPL+ provided the real-time environment and the parallelism we needed, enabling us to make changes and test them easily. This, together with the SPiiPlus Simulator, which all our software developers use heavily to test their software, saved us a lot of development time. With the SPiiPlusSC-HP that runs on the host PC and communicates with the Windows environment through fast shared memory, there is no communication limitation when you have a host-based application program that requires intensive and fast communication with the controller. When we started this project, EtherCAT was new to us. Without ACS’ know-how, flexibility, and support, it would have taken us much more time to complete the project.