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Industrial Printing Systems

Large-format digital printing equipment requires high-precision motion control systems to print high-resolution images at high speeds. Whether printing on large sheets or material from roll-to-roll, ACS Motion Control’s advanced multi-axis controller and drive products and motion-to-process capabilities yield increased machine throughput and accuracy.


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Key Application Expertise

  • High Precision XYZ Gantry and Stacked Systems
  • Dynamic Inkjet Print Head Control
  • Roll-to-Roll Material Printing

Key Capabilities

  • Universal Servo Drive Technology for Maximum Machine Design Flexibility
  • ServoBoost for Increasing Print Resolution and Throughput
  • Position Event Generation (PEG) for High-Speed Inkjet Print Control
  • Dynamic Error Compensation for Increasing Print Accuracy
  • Smarter Gantry Control
  • Host Application Libraries