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Servo Control and Drive Technology


Increase throughput by pre-emptively compensating for system disturbances

Increase motion system accuracy and throughput by learning and pre-emptively compensating for system disturbances using LearningBoost, a state-of-the-art control algorithm developed by ACS. Anticipatory corrections are autonomously implemented synchronous to motion, providing continuously improved motion performance.

Enhance your machine’s performance capabilities using LearningBoost as an optimization tool, and combine LearningBoost with other powerful ACS servo algorithms for the ultimate motion performance.

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Key Specs & Capabilities

LearningBoost Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible learning and compensation options
  • Offline learning modes for machine calibration and commissioning
  • Dynamic online learning modes for in-process improvement
  • Learn and store up to 100 motion recipes using local memory
  • Access and manipulate learning compensations for further performance optimization
  • High-frequency compensation for mechanical resonances and their harmonics
  • Reduce cyclic errors, including motor cogging, encoder misalignment, and bearing-induced errors


Ideal Use Cases