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Servo Control and Drive Technology

Smarter Autotuning

Achieve high levels of motion system performance and stability faster. Smarter Autotuning, combined with the new Frequency Response Function Analyzer, provides an integrated solution to simplify tuning and maximize motion performance, bandwidth, and stability. Smarter Autotuning is a standard feature available in the MMI Application Studio.


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Key Features & Benefits

  • Simplify and accelerate motor tuning
  • Prioritize system bandwidth, stability, or a balance with user-designated tools
  • Use autotune to automatically set proportional, integral, acceleration feedforward, lowpass biquad, and notch filters
  • Optimize motion performance with an integrated frequency response function (FRF) analyzer and design tools

Ideal Use Cases

  • Linear motor stages
  • Direct-drive rotary motors
  • Collocated and non-collocated cases