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Application Development

FRF Analyzer Library

Enhance your machines’ capabilities by integrating new tools for your native host application. The FRF Library allows OEM machine builders to leverage ACS’ powerful frequency response function measurement and design tools for the highest-performance motion control systems. From your host program, quickly perform a variety of ready-made frequency response measurements that achieve the best balance of speed and resolution. Streamline troubleshooting by developing push button system analysis and reporting tools that simplify remote support by experts.

Download the FRF Library User Guide and visit the FRF Analyzer webpage today. Learn more about the motion control tools your machine is missing.


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Key Specs & Capabilities

  • C, .NET, and MATLAB frameworks supported
  • Measure frequency responses of motion processes
  • Evaluate system performance through spectral analysis, servo error, or closed-loop system response
  • Flexible excitation signal options ensure an optimal balance of measurement speed and resolution: sine sweep, chirp, user-defined
  • Analyze stability margins of closed-loop systems

Key Benefits

  • Use host applications to initiate and automate frequency measurement and analysis
  • Build and integrate motion system ‘self-diagnostics’ to enhance machine performance
  • Enable field service staff and machine operators to easily analyze and optimize motion control system performance