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Motion-to-Process Synchronization

High-Speed Position Event Generation (PEG)

Increase Throughput by Accurately Triggering Devices at High Speed

High-resolution inspection, metrology, patterning, and printing applications rely on the motion control system to accurately trigger devices, including cameras, inspection heads, and lasers at high speed. ACS drive and drive interface products provide this capability via Position Event Generation (PEG). Flexible operating modes are supported, including incremental fixed distance pulsing, array-based random distance pulsing, and array-based random distance gating.


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Key Benefits

  • Simplify synchronization of high-precision instrumentation with motion
  • Ideal for inspection, metrology, patterning, and data acquisition applications
  • Up to 10 MHz pulse generation
  • Flexible modes of operation: incremental and random
  • Flexible assignment of encoder inputs to PEG outputs