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Real-Time C Function

Implementing real-time data-processing functions in multi-axis motion control systems using PLC-based or motion-oriented programming languages can be complex, time-intensive, and limit achievable machine throughput. Using the Real-Time C Function Development Package from ACS, machine builders can quickly develop sophisticated functions in Visual Studio using C programming language and execute them in real time on SPiiPlus series motion controllers. With built-in protection features, proprietary C functions are easily imported onto SPiiPlus controllers without the risk of IP theft.


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Key Features

  • Design proprietary functions quickly and easily using C language
  • Implement advanced real-time data processing and transformation functions
  • Optimize machine process throughput with high-efficiency real-time code
  • Use with SPiiPlus simulator for maximum development efficiency
  • Built-in IP protection prevents proprietary code disclosure
  • Built-in error handling simplifies development and qualification