Most Powerful Motion Controller and EtherCAT Network Manager


The Most Powerful Motion Controller and                                      

EtherCAT® Network Manager                                              

  • Up to 64 fully synchronized axes
  • Up to 5KHz rate of profile generation and EtherCAT cycle
  •  network failure detection and recovery with ring topology
  • Up to 1GbE Ethernet host communication
  • Open Architecture - ACS’ and other vendor’s EtherCAT devices, drives and I/O
  • Comprehensive set of support tools for EtherCAT Network setup, axis tuning, application development, and diagnostics
  • Available in board level format for table top applications with limited space

ACS’ SPiiPlusEC is a state of the art line of Motion controllers and EtherCAT master.

It is specifically designed to extend the capabilities of the SPiiPlus line of controllers and EtherCAT master, to address the needs of modern machinery for cost effective high performance multi-axis, scalable and distributed control of motion centric applications. The SPiiPlusEC open architecture operates in conjunction with ACS’ line of EtherCAT servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as with any certified third party EtherCAT module that complies with CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol. The unique  optional feature increases machines’ uptime using ring topology based redundancy to continue operation upon a network failure.



158 x 124 x 45 mm (Panel mounted)


450 grams


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