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Accelerate Your Time to Market with SPiiPlus ADK Suite 3.13.01

ACS Motion Control announces the release of SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.13.01, replacing version 3.13. For existing v3.13 users, it is recommended to upgrade to v3.13.01

The new ADK Suite and associated controller firmware includes new controller features and programming extensions, enhancements to MMI Application Studio and Host Application Libraries.

SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.13.01 highlights include:

  • Multi-Channel Feedback delivers a solution to applications that require high precision dual loop stages on selected ACS devices with limited physical connectors by enabling two independent feedbacks on a single encoder port per axis.
  • Dual-EtherCAT extends the max controller cycle (5kHz) over 16 axes on selected ACS motion controllers by supporting two independent EtherCAT networks on a single controller. In addition, this feature improves support for Non-ACS drives that require single frame loss mode.
  • Position Event Generation (PEG) output enhancements for pulse triggering with dynamic error compensation support and synchronized signal delay options.
  • Autofocus has been improved and integrated as a licensed option within selected ACS devices to enhance servo bandwidth and minimize tracking error for the best focus outcomes for precision automation systems with dynamic autofocus tracking.
  • New SafetyZones features enable faster development with standard ACSPL+ commands to prevent collisions by configuring predefined boundaries for the system to safely enter and exit within 1D, 2D and 3D space.
  • MMI Application Studio enhancements including:
    • New PEG Wizard to simplify the process of configuring PEG outputs and generating PEG routines.
    • The Frequency Response Function (FRF) Analyzer is capable of observing the cross-coupling response of MIMO systems enabling system engineers to analyze coupled dynamics and further improve servo tuning. (Beta Feature)
    • Improved Adjuster support for Gantry stages
    • ACSPL+ AutoComplete functionality extended to MMI Communication Terminal.
    • MMI Scope enhancement with Multi-Graph Support
    • Program Manager enhancement which makes it possible to search across all buffers.
  • ACSPL+ Programming enhancements including:
    • New STRUCT & Variable to support Cross Axis Compensation for gantry type systems.
    • Extension to STRING type functionality supporting concatenation and comparison.
    • New STRING variables to identify ACS’ product part numbers, serial numbers, firmware versions and assign program buffer names and descriptions.
    • New HOME Timeout suffix to improve homing routines.

Interested users with an authorized ACS Website Account are encouraged to download SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.13.01 here. As always, don’t hesitate to contact your ACS sales or support representative for more information.

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