Motion Control Solutions for:

The Most Powerful EtherCAT Motion Controller – 64 axes, 1000's of I/Os, 5kHz rate, NetworkBoost Ring topology

The SPiiPlusEC is the most powerful motion controller and EtherCAT master available today. It addresses the needs of demanding applications that require high ra...

ACS Motion Control Technical Training Invitation, Jan. 27-30, 2015.

ACS Motion Control would like to extend an invitation to new and existing users of the SPiiPlusNT EtherCAT series of motion control products to a technical trai...

SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller – Turn Your PC Into the Most Powerful Multi-axis Controller

The SPiiPlusSC PC-based machine and motion control software provides demanding machinery with the highest performance possible at the most affordable price, lev...

NanoPWM™ Drives – Replacing Linear Drives in Demanding Positioning Applications

Utilizing ACS’ proprietary revolutionary technology, the NanoPWM™ line of PWM drives provides ultimate standstill jitter and smooth velocity. Guaranteed better...
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Since 1985 ACS Motion Control has developed and manufactured advanced multi-axis motion controllers and integrated control modules. Our main focus has been providing ease of use while maintaining the power and flexibility required by a broad range of machine automation applications. Our products are used in packaging, printing, robotics, linear stage control, semiconductor manufacturing and testing, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced digital printing industries.